What A Turnout!

After classes finished today we gathered in our K-Botics headquarters to welcome our new members. To our great delight we had approximately 60 people show up to learn more about our team.

Many of our senior students shared their experiences, and information about FIRST and K-Botics.

We gave tours of our workspace, and showed off past years robots.

Robots were driving in the hallway–it’s never too early for driver practice!

It’s hard to learn names at first, so we played a game of “drop the blanket” one of our favourite name games. Half the group is on each side of a raised blanket. One person silently sits in front of the blanket, and race to name the person on the other side when the blanket drops. The winner’s team will then adopt the loser of that competition.

Epic team building games followed. We are masters of untangling human knots!

Design challenges are a fun team building experience. With a small kit of materials we built contraptions to protect an egg falling from the 3rd floor. It was quite a challenge!

Some eggs did not survive the trip!

These teams kept their eggs safe! Good work!

We ended our meeting with some videos from last year’s season. It’s hard to capture all the excitement of a FIRST season in one day, but we did our best! Many thanks to the returning students for the planning and leadership and clean up. Thanks also to those who brought the yummy snacks!

Our next event is on Sunday, when we will be holding a bottle drive at the KCVI parking lot from noon until 4pm. We need lots of KBots to collect bottles, and a few parents to drive bottles to the Beer store.

Permission forms and information letters were distributed tonight, if you didn’t get one, there are extras available, and soon, there will be copies online. The deadline for these forms to be handed in is next Monday before we use tools.

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