Demo Day at Rideau P.S.

We gathered at Rideau Public school today and did a demo for their primary and junior divisions.

The students all cheered when the frisbees flew across the gym.

We had a lot of great questions asked by the young kids.

We got asked about how many frisbees it could shoot and if the robot could shoot other things, like pizzas. We got asked about the sensors on the robot, and how we can change where we aim the frisbees. We got asked about how it moves, and how the controllers work without wires to the robot. Our favourite question was if the robot is a mean one or a nice one.

At the end of the demo, we had a very lucky shot and got a frisbee into the basketball net. The kids all thought that it was planned.

After our demo, we stayed for the LEGO robotics tournament that some of our students have set up for the Rideau Robotics Club. We’ve got a dedicated group of K-Bots who have mentored at Rideau all year!

Their tournament looks like lots of fun


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One Response to Demo Day at Rideau P.S.

  1. Vonda Peterson says:

    This wonderful group of young adults will ensure future success, and give us faith in the coming generations. It looks like you’re having fun, while exploring new horizons. What a great start to building your future.

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