Relay for Life

We are participating in the KCVI relay for life again! It is an all nighter at the school, where we stay awake and active, and raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.


The evening began in the gym with the luminaries. We heard from cancer survivors, and followed them on their victory lap around the track.


We then started our activities. We had an obstacle course

followed by Zumba, and various sports.

Some of us did homework before it got too late at night.

We had snacks…delicious gelato!
K-Bots are not just on our team, they can be seen on several other teams too!


There was a great coffeehouse in the courtyard, it is incredible the talent on display shortly before midnight.
After our midnight pizza dinner we did a robot demo.

Many people enjoyed catching the frisbees! We had a few new drivers test their skills.

20130601-050723.jpg. The demo ended with a dead battery, and a minor repair.

At around 4am we had a newspaper fashion show.


In total it was a great night. We had many fun moments, many sad moments, and we created memories to share. We also helped raise a lot of money for cancer research. The total is over $19000 and climbing still!

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