St. Louis Saturday: A Great Day For Canada

Our morning was extra early because we had to check out and load up the bus.20130428-102103.jpgwe were in line with the usual suspects at 6am. 20130428-102544.jpgwe got good seats in the stands behind our Canadian pals, 610 and 1114.
20130428-102858.jpgour moustaches are getting pretty popular around here!20130428-103005.jpgwe had one match in the morning. We got to show off our new scissor lifted pool noodle wall. In that match we shot and scored, defended against a full court shooter, and hung….finally! It was great to see our robot do everything we knew it could do.
After our match we took our team photo, and then watched the rest of the matches and alliance selection. So many Canadians were selected….1114 chose 4039 and 1241 chose 610 and these alliances ended up being the Galileo powerhouses. Every round was pushed to 3 matches, with the final victors being 1241 and 610. 20130428-103953.jpgduring our afternoon we wrote postcards to our sponsors to thank them for all their support.
20130428-104110.jpgwe have a lot more sponsors this year!

20130428-104204.jpg our hard working pit and drive teams packed up our pit area and got our robot ready to be shipped back to Kingston.
We got seats together for watching matches on Einstein, excited to cheer for the Canadians from Galileo.
There were tones of people sitting up in the balconies throwing paper airplanes over the edge.20130428-104745.jpgone airplane landed on the top of the pyramid.
20130428-104832.jpgsome airplanes had phone numbers on them.20130428-104917.jpgso did some balloons20130428-104929.jpg
The matches and awards continued on into the night. 610’s alliance lost the first match, and then the second, but there had been a scoring error, which was caught before it was too late, which forced a sudden death 3rd match. The scores were close, in favour of the Galileo alliance. Our friends were moving on to the finals. The last matches were very exciting…full court shooters against short robots, a climber against hangers. In the end, the Galileo alliance, with 2 Canadian teams won the world championships. 20130428-112352.jpg (photo from FIRST Canada)
We are so excited for them, and for Canada, and we realize now that our Ontario teams are really super strong on the world stage. We are also glad that Captain Canada was there with them for the occasion.
20130428-110637.jpgthe medal is really cool!
20130428-110725.jpgwe left in a rain storm (not a tornado like last year).20130428-111004.jpgour dinner stop was quite late, at a Cracker Barrel. Lots of us enjoyed breakfast for dinner.20130428-111118.jpgOur bus ride continued with a rave

20130428-111242.jpgand then a cramped sleep.

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