St. Louis Friday

Today we had another early start.

We got to the stands and had to jostle a bit for position. Some teams decided to save lots of seats without lots of people.

Our matches were really tough, we lost all of our matches but one. We did, however, shoot and score, and almost hang.

During the day we had many different Captain Canada’s cheering on our team.



20130426-233327.jpgmany thanks to Gord and JNo from 610 for sharing the suit with us!

During the afternoon “Angry Eric” came to sit with us in the stands for a bit. He was the MC in Rochester where we won Chairman’s and qualified for Champs. He had admired our hat then, and now he has a headband of his very own!

Speaking of Chairman’s, today was the day for our Chairman’s team to present. They did a great job.

20130426-234425.jpg Thanks to fellow Canadians, 781, for the picture.

When you’re busy all day working on robots, your lunch sometimes gets cold. We found that a good heat gun can revive a hamburger.


After a long day we headed back to our hotel for pizza and manicures and a debrief of the day.
We skyped with home too! Hi Joy!

20130427-000022.jpg We all have spirit nails now!


20130427-000320.jpgTomorrow we will finish the qualification rounds, and will see what alliances will be selected for the eliminations. It will be a great show to see the Galileo elims, and then the champions from each division will meet on Einstein in the afternoon.

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