St. Louis Thursday

This morning we were up at 5 and had breakfast before we got on the bus at 5:45.

20130425-123239.jpgwe got to the venue at 6:15 and were 10th in line, behind many of our friends.


20130425-123336.jpgthere’s Mike and JNo and Oleg and Petey.

20130425-123422.jpgit was chilly but some KBots had cool knee socks to show off.

We got great scouting seats, behind 610 and 1114. It is great to have good friends at the competition.

20130425-123619.jpgthe pit crew got to work fixing up the robot to pass inspection, and the scouts saved seats and got to work on organizing data.


20130425-123724.jpgthe arena is really huge!

20130425-123739.jpgthis is our field. There are 4 of these!

20130425-123810.jpgwe met friends from Kingston Tennessee who brought us moon pies and a proclamation that we are their twin city now.

Qualification matches started this afternoon, and the competition sure is amazing here. We are overcoming our entire overhaul of our system, fine tuning things as the day progressed. We didn’t win any games but we lost one by only one point! Also we scored in autonomous which is great!

20130425-214429.jpgwe want to thank Judy for our box of cookies that we ate during our first match, they were great!

All day we were scouting, in the stands, and the pits.


We made an interesting adaptation to our robot today….we added a wall made of pool noodles!

20130425-214923.jpg it was a good defensive strategy.

Today we were joined by friends and family from all over


We also got a visit from this strange creature….does anyone know who this is?

One of the funny moments of the day involved some shirt swapping…Jacob traded shirts with a girl from Simbotics.

20130425-215547.jpg when asked if he also got her number he smiled mischievously and said, “yes, it’s 1114”.

We are all back in the hotel, ready for bed so we can tackle our big day tomorrow. We hope you are tuning in to follow our progress!

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