Today’s the day that divisions got announced!  We knew it was about time when the FIRST website shut down–everyone was checking all at once.
IMG_0127By the end of our meeting we had discovered that we are in the Galileo division.  We’ve never been there yet.  We’re excited to see how strong the field is–we’re playing with some amazing robots!  Our Canadian friends 1114, 610, and 1241 are all in Galileo with us. Here’s the full list.IMG_0135In other news, our new hoodies came in today.  So.Much.Purple!
IMG_0144We got a new set of bumpers made–numbers will get painted on Friday.IMG_0143We’re working on pneumatics….IMG_0142…and getting our shooter together.

IMG_0132We are also working on our pit set-up.  We’ve improved things a lot this year.  We’ve got two wooden corners that will be carried on this cart.

IMG_0138The cart folds up for easy storage under the bus too!IMG_0136

We also made some improvements to our robot cart.  We’re putting finishing touches on everything!
IMG_0140One week until we’re in St. Louis!  It will be a busy 7 days.  We’re meeting on Friday 3-6 to finish up our mechanical and programming changes.

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