Yummy Yummy Fish Fry

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of our Fish Fry!  We had K-Bots selling food tickets and raffle tickets…IMG_0090…K-Bots who were demonstrating robots and inspiring the next generation of robot enthusiasts.IMG_0098

We were thrilled to have a K-Bot alumna with us, all the way from Toronto.  We’re a good excuse for a study break!IMG_0099We got our kit-bot working tonight too–all it needed were some new lengths of chain and some pool noodle bumpers–Zip Ties and Duct Tape saved the day!IMG_0097We had our sponsor boards up to show everyone who has helped us financially this season.  We’re getting lots of new sponsors–we’re updating our boards before championships!
IMG_0100Here’s where all the magic happens!  The fish fry was going on right outside the door.  Mike Mundell’s makes GREAT fish!  IMG_0101It was a short trip inside to the buffet–and what a buffet it was!  Fish, and coleslaw and beans and buns.IMG_0092Followed by desserts….IMG_0095….and chocolates!IMG_0096

Thanks to the mentors and families who chopped cabbage and carrots, who cooked beans, and baked cupcakes, and moulded the chocolates.  It was all very delicious!IMG_0091We had families arriving from 4PM until 6PM.  It was great to see friends and neighbours, colleagues and their families, Queen’s student mentors and all their friends, sponsors from Transformix, K-Bot families, and mentor families!IMG_0094We had a few Cyberfalcons amongst us too–Thanks for coming to support us! IMG_0105We were glad to have our caretaker join us for dinner.  Thanks Kevin for being so tolerant of our somewhat chaotic workspace during build season.  IMG_0103Toward the end of the evening we were joined by Ted Hsu, the MP for Kingston and the Islands.  IMG_0104Thanks very much for your support Ted!  We look forward to seeing you again soon.

We raffled off the Camera Kingston package at the end of the evening, and made one Queen’s student very happy.


photo used with permission.

All in all it was a very successful evening.

IMG_0102 Look out for a K-Botic Fish Fry next fall!

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One Response to Yummy Yummy Fish Fry

  1. Good Luck at the world championships! Happy to have been able to support you.

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