Fish Fry Tomorrow

We’re working hard today to get things done.  We have our fish fry tomorrow, and we have only 11 days until we leave for St. Louis.  We’re still waiting for some of our parts to get produced, so we’re also anticipating a really busy week next week!  Thanks Transformix for working so hard to get them done for us!

We’re programmingIMG_0072reviewing for our Chairman’sIMG_0075Finishing up changes to our robot cart–we need to put bigger pieces of wood on it so we can use it for load in.  Only 5 people get to bring everything in, so we have to think ahead!IMG_0077IMG_0078We’re also making another cart to carry in our pit wall structure.  We’re thinking of everything, including how to make sure that things fit through doorways!IMG_0081

With the materials that we do have, we’re making some more parts for our robot shooter and hanger.

IMG_0079It’s a riveting experience!IMG_0086We’re looking at our pneumatics too.  There are going to be lots of changes to implement when we load in on Wednesday!IMG_0084While all of this activity is going on, we’re also keeping tabs on the regional competitions that are taking place.  There are some amazing robots playing this weekend.


At the end of the day we cleaned up…IMG_0087and we purchased last minute fish fry tickets.

We’ve sold quite a few tickets, but there will be some still available at the door.
Congratulations to Megan H for selling the most tickets!

All K-Bots should be at KCVI at 3PM tomorrow to help get set up for the Fish Fry.  Wear your purple and your hats and be ready to work hard!

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