Three Weeks Until Worlds

Look at all of us wearing blue!  What a crazy bunch.IMG_0042We’re getting ready for worlds–which includes doing some major repairs to our shooter.  We’re working with wires…IMG_0038…cutting our Lexan (measuring twice before we cut!)IMG_0036…cutting metal…IMG_0040…preparing encoders…IMG_0033…and using our 3-D Printer to make some small robot components.IMG_0030…which need to be filed…so we’re filing and smiling too!IMG_0031Final database revisions are happening….

IMG_0032…and while all this is happening, we’re also keeping tabs on other regionals happening all over the FIRST community.IMG_0037We’re really excited to see all of the great robotic action happening at Canada’s newest regional.

Our parent community had a meeting today to discuss plans for our trip to St. Louis.  An information package is being prepared, and will be distributed next week.

Tomorrow we are having a robot demo, and selling Fish Fry tickets at the Cataraqui Town Center from 10AM-6PM.  We hope to see you there!  We’re going to be set up outside H&M downstairs.

Sunday we are having a bottle drive in the KCVI parking lot from 1-4PM.  We hope to see EVERYONE there, helping out.

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