Recognition and More

We got recognized today at our school at our recognition assembly. It was fun to show off our robot to the school. 20130328-181253.jpgToday we met after school to work on out preparations for St. Louis.

20130328-180027.jpgWe have many tasks to accomplish in the next three weeks. We worked on our coding, and also on our wiring on our battery charging station.

20130328-180121.jpgWe made another Kiva loan to a man who needed to get tools.  It’s hard to decide which people to support, but it is nice to know that we are able to help others in our own little way.
20130328-180303.jpgWe put up our pit walls to make some adjustments to our layout.
20130328-180428.jpgWe also had an update on fundraising. Thanks to our existing sponsors, and welcome to all of our new sponsors. We’ve made a list of businesses to approach over the next few weeks.
20130328-180709.jpgOur next meeting will be on Tuesday at 6pm to go sell Fish Fry tickets door to door near KCVI.  Check our calendar for more upcoming events.

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