Welcome Back

March Break is over, and we’re back in full swing here at K-Botics.  We met after school today to make a plan for getting ready to go to St. Louis!

Our meeting started with welcoming back teachers.  Mr. Wood and Ms. Bearse are going to be supervising all robotics meetings, helping with the St. Louis trip planning, and will be also supervising on the trip.  Since we are a school club once again, we needed to go over some rules and paperwork.  We need to have driver forms filled out for all volunteer drivers, and permission for all K-Bots to be driven by volunteers.  We also went over the K-Botics rules for students and mentors (all rules and forms are posted here).

We had a long list to accomplish today.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur robot from 2009-Lunacy is going to be our demo-robot for any upcoming events.  We are scheduled to participate in the KCVI recognition assembly next Thursday, and are excited to show off a robot to the school, and to tell them about our team.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile fixing the robot, we had a sudden need for electrical connectors.  We weren’t sure if we had any on hand.  Then we found the big box of donations of electrical connectors from 2011.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur Chairman’s team have been practicing their presentation a lot these days.  Today it got videotaped so we can watch it later, and so others can give us constructive feedback.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe worked on our scouting database, and also discussed how we plan to do pit scouting at worlds.


oooooh! A Graph!!

It is a very different ball game when there are 100 robots in a division instead of 30 at a regional.  We need to be ready with a good game plan, and an easy way to manage information.


Our work room is looking quite cluttered.  We put some energy into cleaning up the space to get ready for the return of our tools and the construction of a new shooter.

We also made a plan for designing and constructing our shooter.  That’s all top secret information though, not for the blog.  Come to our meetings and hear all about it!

While all of our meeting was going on, we were taking periodic breaks to watch the Waterloo Regional Competition.  It’s so exciting to see what amazing robots we have in Ontario.  It will be great to see how well everyone stacks up against the world in April.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Our next meeting is THURSDAY next week from 3-6pm.  Some K-Bots have also signed up to volunteer at the Science Fair on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

Remember to get permission forms and money for St. Louis in to Mr. Wood ASAP.

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