Friday at GTR East

Friday begins bright and early with everyone crowding at the doors, ready to get the best scouting seats.


photo courtesy of firstroboticscanada

We found a pretty good spot!  Its great to see some familiar colours and numbers in the stands near us.


We are so excited to see that our mentor James is the MC for this competition again!


photo courtesy of firstroboticscanada

He did a great job, even doing a special slow motion round to stall for time.

We were very proud to have three of our K-Bots sing the national anthem this morning!

Throughout the day we played 8 matches.  IMG_0597We were able to show off our speed and our shooting, and some of our defensive ability.  IMG_0599We won 6, lost 2, and ended the day in 7th place.  IMG_0596We have 4 games to play tomorrow morning, and then the elimination matches take place in the afternoon.  (webcast information is here)IMG_0600

Tonight we’ll be busy having our scouting and strategy meeting to decide on our top 24 list, for alliance selection.


Tomorrow, just like today, will be full of robots, cheering, and lots of dancing with our friends.

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