Friday at Finger Lakes

Fridays at competitions begin early!  We line up to get into the venue, and get a good spot in the stands for scouting.  Every robot that plays in every game is carefully watched, and the data recorded to determine which would be our top picks for alliance mates.IMG_0455So many other teams are there with us, eager for the competition to start. IMG_0456Friday is also the day to present Chairman’s submissions…good luck guys! IMG_0457Today we were very excited to start the round-robin matches. Over the course of the day, our standings fluctuated greatly as matches were won or lost.  We ended the day in 19th place, with a record of 4 wins, 3 losses._IGP5995Our database team worked hard to collect the scores from all of the matches. _IGP5955While that was going on our Chairman’s team did some last minute practice… _IGP5964…and then they presented our submission._IGP5963The rest of the team spent their time scouting, and cheering us on from the stands. _IGP5965DSC03037 The pit was also a buzz of activity. _IGP5996Many judges stopped by to talk with us and learn about our robot.DSC03036We love telling everyone all about our team! _IGP6002 Like usual we spent the night making a pick list for eliminations. DSC03040With all the great competition here it was hard to decided who we wanted to play with us.
We finally decided our top 24 list for alliance selection that will take place Saturday before lunch._IGP6026

We play 2 games tomorrow at 10:36 and 11:16.  Tune in to see us!

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