Finger Lakes Thursday

Thursday is the day to pass inspection, to scout, and to practice our Chairman’s presentation.

IMG_0381We started off with breakfast at the hotel, bright and early. IMG_0387 IMG_0388Then we went to the Rochester Institute of Technology for the competition.IMG_0413We are proud to be representing Canada! IMG_0396 There was a drive team meeting… IMG_0421…and then the robots that passed inspection took to the field for practice matches. IMG_0423It took us a while to get passed inspection.20130228_152846We made it to the field though!  We are optimistic about our prospects for tomorrow.

20130228_144546K-Bots are everywhere….even volunteering! IMG_0425The Blue Bear is a very popular character too! IMG_0427Blue Bear is making lots of friends. IMG_0431 IMG_0433We had dinner at a wonderful family restaurant called Char Broil. IMG_0451We liked it so much that we’re going back again tomorrow  IMG_0452The staff assumed that we were a ski team since we were all wearing knit hats. IMG_0453We explained who we were, and what we’re doing, and have invited them to come and watch the competition with us. IMG_0454It’s another early day tomorrow!  For more information about how to watch the webcast, or see the match schedules and results check out the links here.

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