Warehouse Weekend

So today went a little like this, (or was it yesterday?), i’m not sure what day it is anymore. In the never-changing monochromatic light of this warehouse it is impossible to keep any semblance of what time or day it is anymore. All that we now know is the robot, lack of sleep and the occasional Timmy’s run that keeps us all from falling asleep. Progress had been good, robot working well, i have no idea what day it is anymore. i think we’ll finish on time, i hope we can squeeze as much driver practice in as possible…, it is getting hard to type, i think I’m going to sign off now, i might take a nap, or get some Timmy’s, anyway, i need to get back to work, see you after build._IGP5746 _IGP5773 _IGP5791 _IGP5768 _IGP5764 _IGP5757 _IGP5752 _IGP5750 _IGP5799 _IGP5804 _IGP5801 _IGP5794 _IGP5779

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One Response to Warehouse Weekend

  1. karen mattes says:

    Awesome post (but sorry for giggling!!)

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