Week 3: Wednesday

The day began with only a couple of students and a delicious dinner. DSC_0003More students and mentors showed up as the night continued, but the turnout was around 18 people in total.DSC_0005Once our meal was over, everyone got to work:DSC_0006

The mechanical team worked on component placement and got lots of CADing done;DSC_0011
Jeff from Transformix came in, so the climber team explained their idea; he proposed some new ones, and everyone brainstormed other possibilities.
As for the shooter, the team got the geometry down, and is now working on details like assembly, manufacturing, etc…


On the Control side, Duncan got a P-system (from PID system) working with an encoder and a wheel;DSC_0009
Russell finished the front-end GUI of the scouting database;DSC_0007
one team got the compressor and pneumatics set up;DSC_0004
and Kevin worked on the cppVision framework.DSC_0008

It turned out the A/C shaft opened to the outside, so the room was freezing cold. We had a janitor put a plastic bag over it, which seemed to work.DSC_0012
James helped Sophie through some anger-issues with his new pamphlet from Queen’s: “We’re here for you Sophie; we will express concern.”

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