Week 2: Saturday

This morning we ran through some safety talks,_IGP5465 and spent the time hammering out some serious cleaning in the back room. _IGP5454_IGP5461It’s wonderful to have work tables again!_IGP5490
Afterwards we talked about the final overall robot design. We have a strong sense of what we want to do, and how to accomplish these goals.

We had a fantastic lunch provided by the Babiuks. (THANKS SO MUCH!)

Afterwards everyone worked hard in their respective areas. _IGP5485We have code finalized, and a number of our older chassis are drive-able so we can do driver tryouts, then squeeze in some practice for later in the season._IGP5501
Another section of our Controls group learned about encoders and made some logic to assist and ensure our uber-secret climber works properly.

Today our climber/drive experts continued to work out dimensions, as well as locate CAD files so we can determine the total weight of our robot._IGP5486

We found CAD for our new special gearboxes and made some modifications to help save weight. We are always trying to find ways to save weight so we can do as much with our robot as possible at competition.
Our various shooter projects are being worked on, as well as loader and feeder prototypes. Everything is starting to come together._IGP5492
Everything is coming together nicely, and we hope to get our essential parts made shortly so we can start constructing our robot._IGP5458

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