Week 2: Friday

Today our mechanical group worked on several things.  We used CAD to draw the bumpers and the frame.  This year we’re figuring out how to attach the bumpers to the bot much earlier than we did last year._IGP5427

We started to prototype a hopper type device to load and store disks, and the climbing group spent time working on the chassis._IGP5445As always we’re being careful to measure twice…..so then we only have to cut things out once._IGP5447

Our controls group worked today to get arcade drive and tank drive working on a command based robot.  We’re working on the sensitivity of the joystick.  We’re working on a deadband for the arcade drive._IGP5437

We also fixed and downloaded the new smart dashboard, and started to work on some image and vision processing which we’ll use to help us aim properly to score lots of disks.   _IGP5438In other news: Our Chairman’s presentation is being practiced… _IGP5429…and we have a new bulletin board up in the hallway to communicate with everyone at school. _IGP5424

We’d also like to thank our parents who have been feeding us such delicious meals each build night._IGP5418

It’s a challenge to feed so many of us.  Thanks for keeping us healthy._IGP5416

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