Week 1 is Done

The first week of build season is behind us.  Today we were at work again, we learned about PWM crimp heads in order to wire the motor controller…_IGP5367We also prototyped a shooter and tested it out outside.  (This may or may not be part of the shooter prototype!)_IGP5363We’re not ready to divulge our plans yet, but we certainly had fun conducting tests!_IGP5373
We worked on CADing the pyramids…_IGP5326…and we have got chains ready to stop the frisbees when they fly._IGP5320

Today we got the code to download to the cRIO.  With many new programmers in our controls group, we’re learning lots every day._IGP5350During down time, there was a little bit of robot driving going on in the hallway._IGP5327It takes a lot of practice to be good at navigating obstacles._IGP5331The mechanical design of our robot is coming along.  We have a CAD office set up where it is nice and quiet._IGP5329We’re looking forward to week 2.  Thanks to the parents for feeding us all week!  Thanks to the mentors for the many hours you are spending with us.

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