Friday Night at Robotics

Today was a very successful day; it looks like a good start to the K-Botics weekend.

In the controls group we started by learning about programming “classes”, a type of program. We also learned common C++ syntax and basic programming terms and skills. Some programmers started mapping the Xbox and Logitech controllers so they can be used with the Robot. _IGP5290The electrical group rewired the radio and Victors/Talons. Finally, one developer computer is finished and ready to go; the rest are on their way.
The mechanical group spent the time cutting spacers…_IGP5288…and bending Lexan. _IGP5301Many of us continued building a practice field-goal for the top of the pyramid. _IGP5305It is well on the way, and some prototypes for shooting should be ready by tomorrow for testing. Also, the feeder system and targets are ready to go._IGP5286Please remember to sign in and out of every meeting in order to account for your hours. If you have not signed up for the fingerprint scanner, talk to a mentor about it during your next meeting. _IGP5311Thanks to everyone for cleaning up!  It is important to keep our workspace safe.

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