Kickoff: Ultimate Ascent

We kicked off the 2013 season of “Ultimate Ascent” with team 3710, the CyberFalcons.  After a brief parent meeting, where parents learned of all the various roles they can play this season, we all headed to the auditorium where we watched the speeches and game introduction on the big screen.

kickoffAfter that, we enjoyed a potluck lunch and started brainstorming.  Thanks to all who brought the great food!kickoffWe looked up the game rules and watched the animation many more times.

_IGP5191It’s so important for everyone to know the rules! (READ THEM HERE)


We divided up into groups to talk about the different ways to approach the game.  The entire team then came together to have a big group discussion and brainstorming session.kickoff

At the end of the day, we were excited to receive the kit.  Many thanks to those who brought it back from Toronto.  We checked and double checked that we received everything that we needed.

kickoffWe’re having a lot of fun working together to strategize and develop a plan for our robot.  We’re looking forward to seeing how many different ways there are to approach this year’s challenge.


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