TrenchBots Demo Day

Today was the big day that we have been looking forward to and working towards for the past 6 weeks.  Today was the day that the TrenchBots took to the trench to show off their robotic skills.TrenchBot

While our work room was converted into a presentation hall, teams met to fix last minute technical and programming issues.preparationsFamilies and friends were welcomed by our mentors who explained about FIRST and about the goals of our pre-season training and the TrenchBot challenge.
welcomeEach team took their turn presenting their robot’s design, and explaining the challenges that they had, and how they overcame them.  Each group had created a powerpoint slideshow to go along with their well rehearsed speeches.

presentationAfter the presentations, each group set their TrenchBot loose in the trench, and watched as it navigated the obstacles, or at least tried to.

trenchbotSome TrenchBots needed a little help to make it over all of the bumps.

judgesEach team showed their robot to the judges and answered questions about their choices and what they would do differently next time.intriguedSome of the designs were very intriguing and creative. Some had 4 wheels, some had 2, and some used arms to pull on the wires from above.mentorbotThe mentors also made up a team called “Driven Nuts” and they presented their mentorbot to show that the challenge is an achievable one.  Their robot climbed over all the bumps using really big wheels and sandpaper for traction.  After the competition many people wanted to get a closer look.interested onlookers

Some couldn’t resit getting their hands on the mentorbot!future k-botsAt the end of the TrenchBot challenge, the judges decided upon winners for the two awards.  The trophies are going to be given out each pre-season.  Many thanks to the 2012-2013 mentorship team and to the Shepertycky family for donating the trophies.trophyWinners of the Performance Award: Team 5!!winnersWinners of the Design Award: Team WAVEwinnersAs usual, at a K-Botics event, there was time afterwards to gather together as friends and celebrate the accomplishments of the past six weeks.funAlso, there was food….lots of great food!  Thanks parents for organizing and contributing to make the event so

There was even a birthday cake! A very dedicated K-Bot celebrated her sweet 16 with us today!

happy birthdayHappy Birthday Katy!!

We  want to thank our sponsors for making our team possible.  Thanks to Queen’s for allowing us to work in the ILC, and for all the financial support.  thanks to sponsorsThanks to the mentors who worked so hard to create the challenge, organize the pre-season training sessions and who made this wonderful demo day happen.  It is evident that many K-Bots have been inspired through the pre-seaon training.  inspirationPerhaps the demo day has inspired some future K-Bots too.

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