Trench Bots: The Kits Are Here!

This Thursday, our groups got together to start building our robots. With only two weeks to build them we have to work fast!  Many groups split into smaller sub-groups to work on different jobs at once. discussions

Some of us got right into programming…programming…others started on the mechanical construction.teamwork

Some groups, still waiting for parts, decided to work out a plan for their robot and brainstormed ways to improve their design.sketching

The day finished with everyone working on technical drawings for their robots and enjoying a helping of muffins! (Thanks Megan’s Mom!)

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One Response to Trench Bots: The Kits Are Here!

  1. karen mattes says:

    You’re welcome! I know not everyone appreciates raisins, so I promise not to use them all the time. :o) From Karen (code name: Megan’s Mom)

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