Trench Bots Week 2

This past Thursday our team got together, and started to narrow down our designs for the Trench Bot design competition.  We got to see the actual trench that our robot will navigate.trenchWe took some key measurements which will be important for our designs later on.measuring
Our mentors also went through the specs of the competition and gave us a more detailed look at the rules.meeting
Some teams came up with really interesting designs, such as a design based on a caterpillar and ants, and designs featuring boots on pendulums, the creativity of the members was amazing!group work
There were plenty of interesting ideas going around. Some people were thinking of a car like design, others thought of tanks, or even climbing across the work
Mentors sat down with each group to help with brainstorming, while giving tips as to why some aspects of certain designs were better than others.working with mentors
In the end everybody had a good time, and came up with really intriguing and interesting ideas.
Hope to see you next week!
P.S. Groups should remember that at least one member is to bring a computer next week when we talk about programming.

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