Introducing Trench Bots

Today was the first pre-season training session for K-Botics.  It was great to have so many enthusiastic students and mentors together in the same room!meetingThis fall meetings will take place on Thursdays from 5:30-8:00 PM at the Integrated Learning Center (ILC) at Beamish-Munro Hall, Queen’s University.  beamish munro hallWe are very thankful to Queen’s University for allowing us to work in their space.  We are also very thankful to our mentors who made all of the arrangements to book the space and also planned everything.

Our meeting started out with an introduction to the mentors, and an overview of team rules and expectations for the season.  We will be spending our meeting times learning new skills and working on our design challenge, and we will also be working on Chairman’s activities outside of our regular meeting times. trenchbots

During our Thursday sessions we’ll be working hard to design small robots for the Trench Bots challenge.  Our mentors have designed a robotics competition for our team.  We will be working in groups of 4 to build small robots that can navigate a trench, and go over bumps, and make it to the finish line the fastest.  During this process we will be using arduinos and motors that are limited in their rotation.

presentationAfter learning all about our challenge, groups were formed, and brainstorming started.discussionsMany interesting ideas have been discussed!  ideasIt will be exciting to see how many different ways there are to navigate the trench.

Next meeting is at Beamish-Munro Hall on Thursday Oct. 18th.  Meet in the lobby at 5:20 and mentors will walk everyone to the room at 5:30.  Please be on time and bring your signed permission form.

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