First Bottle Drive of the Season

We kicked off our fundraising this year with our first bottle drive of the season.bottles Thanks to everyone for coming out today and helping.  We raised $395.00 in total. helping handsThanks to all the hard work people put in. It was great to see some new team members and some grade nines so eager to get right into helping the team raise the money we need to travel. sortingA special thanks to the parents for driving back and forth between groups of kids, The Beer Store, and the school.  Thanks also to the mentors who helped to organize and arrange the bottle drive.parent volunteersIt’ll be great to see everyone at the next bottle drive after Hallowe’en!

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One Response to First Bottle Drive of the Season

  1. Cornelio Delgado says:

    Wow, $395. This is a very good start. Congrats all of you. See you during the next bottle drive for sure.

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