K-Botics First Meeting

Close to 50 excited students and mentors gathered today to talk about our K-Botics season.  It was great to see so many new faces!first meeting

We played name games, and had a great time getting to know everyone.  Thanks to the K-Bots who volunteered to lead the games.

name game name game

We participated in a mini design challenge to build a boat out of aluminum foil that could hold the most mass.  careful planningSome groups designed with paper first, then carefully folded their 1 meter of aluminum foil into a boat.teamworkOther groups improvised a little bit more.creative thinkersSome groups took very creative approaches to boat design!  Testing our boats was a lot of fun.  testingSome floated well right away, and others tipped and sank pretty quickly!testingWeight distribution of the marbles seemed to be very important!weight distribution

Some boats held all of our weights, so we had to start improvising. strong boatSeveral boats held all of our team cutlery and still stayed afloat!champions! Part of our first meeting was to explain about FIRST and to talk about what is involved in an FRC build season.  We watched game footage videos on youtube to give everyone an idea of what competitions are like.  videosOur robot from last year got a thorough inspection by several new mentors…new mentors….and then went for a spin around the hallways.  drivingWe’ve got some new members who are keen to start driving already!driving

Finally we shared some cake, and exchanged stories of all the fun and crazy times we have had over the past few years.


K-Bots please fill in this online form to give our mentors your contact information.

Mentors, please fill in this online form to gather your contact information in one place.

Stay tuned to your email, and join the K-Botics facebook group, to find out when and where our next team meeting will be.

Our first fundraiser will be a bottle drive at noon on Sunday September 16th.  Meet in the KCVI parking lot.  Parents and family and friends are welcome to help out.  (parents should put a tarp down in their trunk so they can avoid a mess when transporting bottles to the Beer Store).

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