Preparing For A New Season

School is starting again soon, and with that brings the excitement of K-Botics pre-season!

This year, to make things more streamlined, we are using an online form to gather student contact and allergy information.  Please fill in the form now.

After you’ve completed the form, allow a day to get your SafetySync login.  We are using this company to deliver and track our general safety training.  You may begin to work through the training modules before we have our first meeting if you want to.  The online training will be done on your own time.

Our first meeting is scheduled to be Monday September 10th from 5-8PM in room 107 at KCVI.  The change in time will allow mentors from Queen’s and the community time to arrive after classes and work, allow teachers to complete their daily lesson prep and marking, and allow students to participate in after school sports.

At our first meeting we’ll explain what our plans are for the pre-season activities, and introduce you to our mentorship team.  We hope that you can come prepared to say a few words about why you enjoy being on our team, and what your favourite memories/experiences were.  If you are interested in leading some team-building activities please see Ms. Bearse.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on robots, please see Mr. Wood at lunch during the first week of school.  We are looking for a few volunteers who are keen to drive robots around the hallway to encourage new students to join our team!

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