Science Rendezvous

After a long night with Relay For Life, a few of us brought our robot and gear to Queen’s University for the Science Rendezvous.early morningRobot transportation is sometimes difficult, but today it was pretty simple.  We are very glad that Queen’s is close by, and that the sun was shining!  walk to Queen'sWe were excited to be a part of the Science Rendezvous, an event that brings together many different community groups to show demonstrations of different kinds of rendezvousWe got our display set up…ready for the event to begin at 10AM.displayAt the event, there were many different booths to explore.  We had fun learning about different aspects of science…learningThere were many different people presenting their work.  There were professors, and grad students, high school students, and even elementary student science fair winners.  These two girls made robots out of toothbrushes!

cool robot project

photo posted with permission

Here’s the robot in action.

The Human Mobility Research Center showed how computer assisted surgery works…programming and cameras seem to be everywhere!computer assisted surgeryOur display was a big hit with all ages.  From young drivers….young driver…to parents, everyone was interested in our program and how we were able to create this robot in 6 weeks.crowdsWe are glad of the opportunity to demonstrate our robot at this event.  Many thanks to the organizers of the Science Rendezvous.  We hope to participate for years to come.

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  1. TJ says:

    Good to see the HMRC code is still being used… it looks like the UI hasn’t changed since my original design in 1999/2000… which should be a lesson to progammers: your code will keep on running far longer than you think, so you’d better build it to last (another version of the same rule: “Write software as if the maintenance coders are violent psychopaths who know where you live.) –Tom

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