Relay For Life 2012

relayWe have made it a K-Botics tradition to participate as a team in the KCVI Relay For Life event held each spring.  This year the KCVI event raised over $17000 for the Canadian Cancer Society!  teamOur team, made up of students, teachers and mentors, had a campsite in one of the basement hallways, and we needed to mark our territory by making a banner.making a signTo pay tribute to our most recent all-night adventure we called our team K-Botics: LAMBeth 2.0 (For those of you regular blog readers, you’ll remember that it was in Lambeth that our bus broke down on the side of the road headed for St. Louis)LAMBeth2.0All participants were given T-Shirts….but after a few moments it was evident that there was a sleeve monster on the loose!  attack of the sleeve monsterAfter the opening ceremonies, where we heard from cancer survivors and family and friends, we did a lap of the luminary track with our teams.  The luminaries are all dedicated to family and friends who are fighting the battle with cancer, or in honour of those who have passed away.  luminariesSome people lingered to walk around the luminary track, which was open as a quiet space all night long, while others participated in some more lively contestThere was a dance competition!  We did a pretty good job showing everyone our dance moves.pizzaThere was a pizza party for dinner…coffee house…followed by a coffee house, where musicians showed off their talents….newspaper fashion show…and there was a newspaper fashion show at 2:30AM!  vacuumingIt has become a tradition for our team to put on a demonstration as well.  This year it took a bit of preparation though.  We needed to clean all the carpet which had been in the Transformix Warehouse since build season ended.  We needed to vacuum the top AND bottom side of each roll.  Thanks to the custodial staff for providing us an excellent vacuum!debuggingWe also had to ensure that the electrical system and programming were working on our Logomotion robot.  Our Rebound Rumble robot is currently in a crate in Toledo Ohio, headed to Kingston sometime this week.demoWith the music pumping, our robot showed off for the crowds.  It was great to see so many people line up to get their hands on the controls.  We’re always looking for new members to join our team next year!  Who knows, maybe some of these people will join our ranks.driving lessonsAs the night wore on, some of us took time out for a nap.sleeping…or a quiet moment to read a book.sleepingWhen the morning came, we were feeling a bit exhausted, but happy.  We are glad to do our part to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.good morningIn fact, our team raised the 4th highest amount!  For this, we got prizes.prizesThanks to Sam for being the team captain this year.

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