St. Louis championships day 3

Our morning started bright and early once more, as we packed up our gear and set off for the dome to stake out seats in the “Canadian section” that we’ve created over the past days. line upTeams 1114 and 2056 and 781 are great teams to sit and cheer with!Canadian sectionQualification matches were played in the morning.  We played some excellent defense!defenseBy 10:30 AM we were awaiting alliance selection. alliance selectionWe were not selected, which was not a big surprise since we were sitting in 75th place. What was very exciting was to see 2 Canadian alliance captains, and to see one entirely Canadian alliance created amongst teams 2056, 1114, and the rookies from Alberta, team 4334.Canadian Cheering SectionWe watched and cheered through the Archimedes finals, and as the games progressed our cheering section expanded to include the families of team 4334, and SWAT (team 771), and after their final matches we we joined by team 610 as well.cheeringFlags waved and fans cheered as the Canadian alliance won the finals on Archimedes and continued onward to the championships on photoWe took our team picture, and packed up our pit equipment then crated our robot before heading to get seats for the final matches.cratingBetween matches awards were presented. We are excited that team 1114 won the championship chairman’s award, and are now in the hall of fame.1114As the Einstein matches were played, there was a bit of an event going on outside of the dome as well. There was a tornado warning in effect, and we were not allowed to be near windows in the foyer or hallways. Rain poured down with hail the size of ice cubes, the sky was a greenish gray, and the winds whipped the dome area.tornado warningSome people with Internet access told us that a tornado was spotted 30 miles from the dome.all clearThe weather impeded our plans for a speedy departure. Once we got the all clear from the security officials, we loaded up the bus which was now 2 blocks away, and then we set off for the border.

A quick bus rave was followed by a long sleep.

bus rave bus rave

When we awoke, we crossed into Canada…Ontario …then switched back to the McCoy bus that had been repaired.switchThanks to everyone who has been following along and cheering from home.  We appreciate the support of our friends and family, our mentors, and our sponsors.  We look forward to another fun season next year!

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