St. Louis Competition Day 1

We were up bright and early eating breakfast at 5:30AM.breakfastDawn was breaking as we walked to the Edward Jones dome, and the streets were very quiet.  archWe arrived at 6:15AM and found ourselves among familiar company….our good friends team 1114 and 2056!  We are in the same division as they are, so we stuck close by them as the crowds grew larger.waitingWe saw many familiar teams as we waited.  Some of these teams we remember from regional competitions, and others we see only at the championships.waitingWe followed our buddies to the Archimedes area of the dome, and settled down in the stands behind them.  Close behind us followed our friends team 781 from Kincardine.standsIt was a reunion of sorts….we’ve seen each other play so frequently at the Ontario competitions.fieldThis year, unlike last, we have all 4 fields in the dome! pitWhile scouts were scoping out the competition during practice matches, our pit crew readied our robot for competition.  Part of the task included attaching our freshly constructed bumpers. bumper weightLast night our bumpers transformed from this…..bumpers…to this….bumpers…and finally this!bumpersThey are much more sturdy this time, and the reversible flaps work much better.  matchesPractice matches were played in the morning.  During this time our pit scouts and photographers gathered information behind the scenes, and our drive team got to experience the excitement of competing on the world stage.scoutingIn the afternoon we started the qualification matches, and were scouting in full force!adventure to the archAs a break from scouting, we split into two groups and toured the St. Louis arch.  Here’s one of the touring groups.  We have Captain Canada with us, and it’s causing quite a stir as we walk around the streets of St. Louis with a mascot!arch groupFrom the top of the arch there are commanding views of the city and the river.  We can see our hotel and Busch stadium!viewWhen not otherwise involved in team events, we have some time to explore the pit areas and see other teams, and see many exhibits.SWATWe saw SWAT (team 771) and Sabre Bytes (team 772).  We’ve got mentors from both of these teams working with us this year!772Part of the activities available in the pit area is the bedazzling of safety glasses.  There’s never too much bling!blingWhen we need a break from FRC robotics, there’s always FTC (First Tech Challenge) robotics to enjoy.  Some of these robots had very tall scissor lifts!FTCYou never know who you’ll find when you’re walking in the pit area.  Several of our students saw Woodie Flowers….woodie flowers…and got his autograph.autographAll in all it was a very exciting and exhausting day.  Our poor blue bear got a little bit sweaty with all of the dancing!tiredMatches continued until just after 8PM.  K-Bots were all in bed by 10PM, ready for another early wake up call tomorrow!sponsorsWe would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors for making it possible for us to build our robot and attend such fantastic competitions.  We are inspired by the creative designs and interesting features presented by other teams.  Thank you sponsors!

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3 Responses to St. Louis Competition Day 1

  1. M bearse says:

    Fantastic bumpers!
    You must be having such an exciting time.
    Good luck!

  2. Pamela Bandy-Dafoe says:

    Good Luck today 2809. Nice legs McKayla & Elizabeth.

  3. Karen says:

    AMAZING!! What a great experience for the kids …. but my favourite part of this post is the bedazzled safety glasses!!

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