Successful Vision!

We started off our meeting today with a scouting discussion.  We reviewed the various types of wheels and drive trains that we may see at the championships.  We look forward to seeing different things than we’ve seen at each of our regionals so far.  pit scoutingWe have got some changes to make on our scouting sheets too–scouts, please give input on what would make the process more smooth in St. Louis.thanks for cookiesAfter the presentation we had a break for cookies!  Yummmmmbig to-do listThen we started working on our very long “to-do” list–it’s hard to imagine all of the things that have to get done before the 24th.cooperationOne of the things to do is get robots ready for our parent-teacher night demonstrations.  We’ve now got two robots up and running!  We’re certainly going to make an impression on all of the parents.programmingFinally, at the end of our meeting we were excited to see the outcome of our vision processing party on Thursday.  presentation about vision algorithmIt turns out that we’re pretty good at counting pixels.  Our data set was very well labeled and served as a great set of test images for various vision algorithms.  We are now very optimistic about our auto-aiming, and looking forward to some quality time in the Transformix warehouse to calibrate everything.

K-Bots: we’re meeting tomorrow from 5PM-8PM at Transformix plant 2 to assemble the shooter on the platform, wire everything up and start to calibrate.

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