Image Processing Party

We have decided to work on our autonomous routines before we head out to St. Louis.  We’re going to test our vision and auto-aiming functions, and to do this we needed to process a lot of images of the backboards.processingWe found corners, and counted pixels, and inserted data into a spreadsheet.processingIt’s not the most exciting or glamorous task to do…processing…but when we’re working together it is a little bit more fun.  Thanks K-Bots for coming together to get this big task accomplished in one day!processingWe had cake too!  That helps make tedious tasks more fun.cakeWhen the image processing party was done, we continued to work on wiring for our shooter calibration.wiringAnd started to debug the programming for Kasey III-Barbra Streisand.  We are looking forward to showing parents all about our robotics program at parent teacher interviews next week. demo prepK-Bots, enjoy your long weekend!  We’ll meet again after school on Tuesday from 2:45-6:30PM.  Come and see charts and graphs made from all of the image processing data!

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