Many Preparations

We’re always thinking up things that need doing around here….thinkersParent Teacher Interviews are coming up soon, and we love to show the KCVI parent community all the cool things our robots can do.  Since our new robot is in a crate in St. Louis, we have to make sure that we have another robot that’s ready to go.prep for demoWe had changed Kasey-III’s wheels earlier in build season to do some testing, so we needed to change back to mecanum wheels before we get it rolling again.wheel changeWe had to make sure that all of the little rollers still rolled….back to normal…and then we got the wheels back on in the right spots.mathPart of the fun of robotics is getting to do homework on the whiteboard and working through problems with your friends.  Sometimes this turns into a bit of a math competition on the board.  It’s a good thing that we’re all friends here at K-Botics!hugging lessonsToday we got new tools!  We’ll try not to lose them….wolverine“I’m Wolverine!” -Duncan, Queen’s Mentor

One of our recent projects has been to build and mount a shooter stand on our robot cart for testing and for collecting images to test our vision code.

shooter standAfter careful planning, purchasing, a few hand clamps, and a bit of giggling….team work…everything was square and level, and attached to the robot cart.attaching the standNow we’re ready to roll!  We’ll be calibrating our shooter again soon.shooter standWe’re getting really excited about going to St. Louis!  We love spending time together as a team.  red headsThere are some activities that we can participate in, please fill in the form to indicate your preferences.  There’s also the Relay For Life Team that we’re putting together.  We need 10 people minimum, and each person needs to fundraise at least $100 for the Canadian Cancer Society.  The event is May 11th (a Friday night, from 6:30PM-7:00AM on Saturday).  It is a lot of fun, and we do robot demos at some point in the night.

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