Back in the swing of things…

We got some new wheels today!  Our robot cart is going to be gliding around a warehouse to help with shooter calibration.  New wheels will help with the cart’s wheelsWe moved all of our things back into our workspace.  We’ve got the computers working again, and the locks are back on the closets.  Things are slowly returning to normal.  movingWe were working with our CAD drawing to design a shooter stand that better simulates the real robot geometry for our calibration.We’re also working on our electrical box.  Knowledge is being transferred from veteran K-Bots to rookies with great enthusiasm.electricalWe’re preparing for scouting at the championship level.  This includes a primer on wheels and drive systems.  Thanks to everyone who put in work to prepare these materials.pit scouting guideKare-bots are still being made….kare-bots…and we received a great post card from India which told us of how much fun it is to give Kare-bots away!postcard from IndiaFinally, today we celebrated Olivia’s birthday!  She got good news today, she’ll be at KCVI next year in the I.B. program!  We’re excited that she’ll be on our team for years to come.birthday girl

K-Bots, we are meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) until 7PM, and then all hands on deck for Thursday for an image processing party from 5-8PM!!

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One Response to Back in the swing of things…

  1. Karen says:

    YAY Olivia!!! Congratulations!

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