An Exciting Day at K-Botics

Today we got most of our equipment back!  Thanks so much to the Kingston Police for their excellent work.  Thanks also to the technicians who worked hard to get everything back in the right places.back to normal...It is a big relief to have a working computer lab again.  We hope the rest of our equipment can be retrieved soon.bimba orderIn other exciting news, Canadian teams received Bimba orders today!  This is really late for build season this year.  Hopefully we’ll be able to incorporate them into next year’s friendToday we made a new friend for our team!  It’s amazing what an impact FIRST robotics has on people.  Our new friend was on a FIRST team, and is excited to get involved here in Kingston.  She loves our Kare-bots initiative and had to buy one!  We’re raising money currently for a Kenyan school via CanAssist.

K-Bots: there is a miniconference all about aid projects taking place overseas.  The conference is taking place Friday March 30th in the morning at KCVI.  You need to submit a permission form signed by your period A and B teachers to attend the event.  Ms. Bearse has lots of extra permission forms in room 208.

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  1. royilumbo says:

    Awesome news

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