The Crating of Miss Compomants

On Sunday, Kasey IV- Miss Compomants (our robot) was taken away to be crated up at Transformix timeToday after school we repaired the crate walls…

hand clamp

hand clamp

…and then we assembled the crate…oleg in a box…and strapped robot and bumpers down so they won’t jiggle around too much in transport.strappingThe finishing touch was to screw down the top of the crate.sealing it upHere are two very proud crate assemblers.  Many thanks go out to the crate builders who put in a lot of work last year.  We all owe them one. crate buildersJust to prove that the crate is solid, they gave it a kick for good luck.testingMiss Compomants will be making her way to St. Louis via FedEx tomorrow!  Hopefully it’s a smooth journey.happy birthdayToday was also a special day for two K-Bots.  Happy birthday to Jacob and Brennan!

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One Response to The Crating of Miss Compomants

  1. WesBot says:

    Jacob looks like he has been waiting just to wear the tiara!

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