Waterloo Elimination Day!

This morning we find K-Bots helping people stay safe!  At FIRST robotics competitions the public is welcome to come and view the pits, but before doing so they must put on safety glasses.  We helped with the sign-in/sign-out system today!safety glassesOur robot was seen doing much better.  With a lot of hard work, and thoughtful analysis, our system was debugged.  We were shooting 2 point shots very consistently from the fender, even when being heavily defended against.shootingWe are so proud of our drive team, and our pit crew, both students and mentors for persevering through many tense moments and finding ways to make it all work out in the end.hugsWe gave hugs all around today!  Hugs to each other….hugs…and hugs to the little kids.  Our blue bear was one of the favourite mascots in the venue.  captain americaWe saw other mascots in the pit.  This one reminded us all of Captain Canada who came to New York…captain canada….and to St. Louis with us last year.Captain CanadaWe know that Captain Canada was in action at the Arizona Regional with our friends Team 610.  Congrats to Team 610 on their regional win!  We’re looking forward to sharing Captain Canada at worlds!awardMeanwhile back at the pit, we received an award from team 1305.  We were given the “personality in the pit” award.  allianceBack on the field, we were selected by team 781 to be on the 6th alliance.  We selected team 288 to join us, and we set off to prove ourselves in the elimination rounds.final touchesWe needed to pass inspection once more before eliminations.  We put on our final touches and then took to the field.setting upIn the quarter finals we had our autonomous mode working, scoring high baskets even when slightly nudged by our alliance partners!  We staged an upset, taking down the 3rd alliance, and making a debut of a new defensive strategy.dancingMorale was high, and we were dancing up a storm in the stands….dancing…and on the sidelines.  We played very strongly in the semi finals, against a very strong alliance.  We lost a heartbreaking last match by only one point!surpriseThe number 1 alliance, led by teams 1114 and 2056 worked so well today with rookies 4372 to win the regional.  There was one surprise “upset” though, when team 2056 was tipped over while crossing the bump.  It is rare to see them up-ended like this!broken?In our last match, a motor was knocked off, and we weren’t sure how badly our robot was damaged.  In the pit we realized that a bolt had been sheered, but the electronics and motor were still in working condition.  The robot then got bagged and tagged, and loaded up with the rest of our tools onto the bus.packing upWe gathered for a team photo before heading home.  It was a very exciting day, full of hard work, good fun, lots of dancing, and a robot that scored more balls today than any other day!thumbs upWe stopped on the way back to Kingston for dinner.  Our waitress took one look at our group and said “You guys look like a lot of fun!”sparkleIt was great to have time to unwind and have a few laughs, and to discuss what we need to do next.  When mentioning bumper repair, it was suggested that they get bedazzled….“My favourite colour is sparkle!” -Michael, Queen’s Mentor.  bus raveAs is our team tradition, on the bus ride back, we played music, and cracked open the glowsticks to have a “bus rave”.bus raveReturning home to the school, we unpacked the bus….and started to load back into our classroom.unpackingBut we were faced with a rather shocking scene when we returned:disbeliefOur room had been broken into, and computers taken.oh no!The police came and took over the scene….help…and we packed all of our robotics gear in another area for the time being.new homeK-Bots: enjoy a few days of rest from robotics, be proud of what you have accomplished this season so far.  It will soon be time to gear up for St. Louis!  Thanks to all of the friends, families, and sponsors who have been cheering for us.  We appreciate your support!

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