Waterloo Qualification Day

We had an early morning again today, arriving at the venue to be first in line again at our door of choice.  first ones thereWe waited until the doors opened and we headed to ideal scouting location in the stands.  Our top secret super surprise knitting project, the prop for our Chairman’s presentation, and largest hat that we’ve made so far, took its place of prominence with us in the stands.hatDid you know that K-Bots are everywhere?  Not only are they dressed up in purple and hats cheering on our team, but they are also dressed up in volunteer shirts, helping out the entire competition.volunteersK-Bots are also in disguise as University of Waterloo students.  Today we were thrilled to have Harry with us once more.  He graduated last year, and is now studying civil engineering.HarrySeveral of our founding mentors came to cheer us on as well.  Thanks so much JNo and Mike for making the trip to see us!  We miss you.Mike and JNoAs matches were played, our scouts took their places and recorded data on each robot.  It takes a lot of focus to be a scout.  Everyone worked really hard today to take great notes on everything that happened.scoutingAfter the first few matches we found ourselves in 4th place in the rankings!  We didn’t last there for very long though.for a momentA series of various technical glitches were worked out during the day.  We were glad of our time on the practice field when we were able to get it.practice fieldSeveral of our matches were played in rapid succession, so quickly that we could not return to the pit for any repairs.quick changesAt that point, we had to change batteries and make adjustments while in queue for the next match.practiceThis morning our Chairman’s team made their presentation to the panel of judges.  We believe strongly in our team, and how we’ve knit ourselves into the fabric of our community this year.Chairman's presentersAfter the presentation, we were ALL smiles! lunchWe ate lunch outside on the grass.  The food choices at the regional have been so great.  We are eating very healthy and tasty food.  It is even better to be able to eat it in the fresh air!wildlifeThe wildlife spotting of the day was a Canada Goose that was violently pecking at the door to the Physical Activities Center!  human balancingWe were ahead of schedule this afternoon, so between matches there was a competition for humans to balance the bridge.  Pairs of big and small people were chosen to test their skills.balancingAs with most things on our team….it all starts with a hug.  The bridge was quickly balanced after that!hatsAs scouting continued, all of the data got entered into a computer database to be analyzed for our scouting meeting in the evening.

“I entered over 4000 numbers today!” -Sawyer, grade 9database.At the close of the day, we joined many other teams in some lively dances like the YMCA and Cotton Eye Joe.   dancingAwards were presented, and we took home the Imagery Award in honour of Jack Kamen.
The Imagery Award is in honor of Jack Kamen, Dean’s father for Jack’s inspirational dedication to art and illustration, his gifted creativity and devotion to FIRST.  The Imagery Award celebrates attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual aesthetic integration from the machine to the team appearance.

We joined the other teams for the biggest pizza party we’ve ever been to!  socialEating dinner together like this is a fun way to wind down after a busy and sometimes hectic day.socialWhen we returned to our hotel, the entire team got to hear the final version of the Chairman’s presentation–good job team, it sounded great even at the end of a very long day!chairman's for our teamOur scouting meeting was a very crowded one!  We projected our database onto the wall and made our optimal pick list for tomorrow’s alliance selection.  We are very thankful to our scouts for the great data that they collected, and to all of our photographers for making sure that each robot was represented well.scouting meetingTomorrow will be an exciting day.  We’re all going to bed early to prepare!

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