We’re in Waterloo!

At noon we packed up all of our gear and headed to Waterloo for  our competition this weekend.loading the busIt was great that so many parents came to see us off at the bus.  We know that parents will be cheering us on, and watching the webcast over the course of the tournament.precious cargoOur precious cargo got seats on the bus with us.busWe had a pretty great bus ride.  There was a lot of music and dancing….and for a brief time, there was a nerf-gun war….We had many games of MASH, and giggles about what everyone’s future life would be like.MASHOne of our K-Bots has forgotten their hat.  Hats are an important part of our uniform.  When hats are lost or misplaced or forgotten, they are often replaced…but with hot pink accents.  This hat is starting off with a beard!  It will grow over the course of the tournament.forgotten hatWhen we arrived at our hotel, many of us took time to relax.  Parents and teachers will be glad to know that some of us got right to work on homework and assignments.homeworkOthers took advantage of the time to catch up on sleep.nap timeOur chairman’s team has been working very hard, and takes all opportunities to practice their presentation.rehearsalWe are looking forward to sharing the story of our team with the judges at Waterloo.  To help pass our message along, we created a little book.  Time was tight, so the book got shipped to our hotel, and we got our first look at it today!Chairman's bookAfter the pit crew loaded our robot and equipment into the venue, we gathered at East Side Mario’s for our dinner.  Our team is so big we take up 2 huge tables!dinnerWe had a delicious dinner, and enjoyed the time together.  Our big purple family meal times have really bonded us together this build season.dinnerThis evening’s business included a strategic meeting for our pit crew.  There are many tasks to complete before noon tomorrow.  We need to re-attach all of our components that we removed to work on between competitions, and then start calibrating our robot for this event.strategy meetingWith a list of priorities firmly established, everyone headed to bed.  Lights were out by 10:30PM.  It’s the start of a busy few days, with early wake up calls for breakfast bagel parties!

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