Final Preparations

Our afternoon today consisted of making sure we had everything needed for the Waterloo Regional Competition.  It’s hard to believe that we’re leaving at noon tomorrow!sewingWe’re adding final touches to our top secret project.  We’re sewing with some pretty awesome thread….LEDs….which will conduct electricity to light our LEDs. bagel mathWe also took on the very important task of doing the bagel math.  Our team does breakfast bagels at 6AM.  It’s important to calculate the amount of cream cheese needed for all of those bagels!  This competition we will bring 120 bagels.bagel pricesThis year we were lucky to find some bagels on sale!scouting binderIt is also the time to be sure that our scouting binder is ready to be used.  We have our sheets copied, and tabs labeled.  Most of our equipment is still packed from GTR East, and our shooter is still being perfected!  We are making good use of every minute until we leave tomorrow.

K-Bots: remember to bring your gear to school with you in the morning!  We will start moving our stuff to the bus at lunch time.  See you there!


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