Bottle Drive

A quick word on robot progress:  Over the weekend, our electrical crew was busy wiring up the new electrical box.  This box is designed to fit under structural supports that will protect it in case of incidental contact with the bridge.electrical boxToday’s plan was focused on fundraising.  We know that after St. Patrick’s day and the Iron Ring ceremony there are lots of bottles around Queen’s University campus.  We had put up flyers, and despite the collection another group did the day before, were impressed with the quantity that was left for us to gather.bottle driveWe are getting very good at sorting the glass and crushing the cans.can crushersSome of us have now got drivers licenses, and can help with the collection on the streets, and the drop off to the beer store.driversDid you know that a full pickup truck brings in about $100 in bottle money?truck fullWe found all sorts of bottles in the mix.  This is the biggest bottle, being held by our smallest K-Bots!largest bottleSome cans even came with straws!can I keep the straw?

We raised over $500 for our efforts today!  Great work everyone.  Thanks go out to the many parents who drove, and mentors who organized the event.  Thanks also to the many K-Bots who did the collecting and the sorting. Please wash your shirts before competition!

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