Happy Pi Day!

EMC interviewToday a reporter came to take a few pictures for EMC. A few of us got interviewed for next week’s paper.

We had a delicious dinner of hot dogs and butter tarts (to celebrate pi day).  Thanks to parents who keep us fed and happy!Working on the shooterThe shooter needed a few adjustments for our upcoming competition in Waterloo. But for the shooter repairs we were missing a few tools so some of us walked to Lowe’s, twice.  It’s looking pretty good so far.

Sketchy box bot

That's engineering at its finest!

For more realistic driver practice we decided to make a box bot.  This way, the balls get hidden from view more frequently, just like they do in the real game.

We are now using two cameras, one for shooting accuracy and the other so our driver can see the ground. We made an obstacle course out of supplies around the warehouse, chairs, bins and boxes.

Driver Practice

“Every time you hit a box, it’s 20 push-ups.”-Michael, Queen’s MentorpushupsLater on Sam and Mike decided to play some 21…Playing 21The final score was Sam 21 and Mike 16…. can you guess why?  Look at the shots!Playing 21After the game they were both pretty exhausted….but thankfully still friends. They just needed a hug.Sam and Mke sngglingK-Bots: we’re meeting at the Transformix Plant 2 Warehouse from 5:30PM-8:00 PM tomorrow evening.  See you there!

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