Back To The Warehouse

It’s March Break, and where do we find ourselves??? In a warehouse of course!  Where would we rather be spending holiday time, but with our purple family, and the Cyberfalcons, team 3710.  vacationWe’ve got lots of work to do this week to prepare for Waterloo, and the Cyberfalcons are in their last minute crunch time to prepare for the Montreal Regional this weekend.constructionWe are creating a structural element that will protect our electrical system from impact injuries.  We realized that in Oshawa making contact with the bridge can do some serious damage!  This protective element will be dual purpose, and fit nicely into our game strategy.checking the drawingsEveryone always says to measure twice and cut once?  That should also be said to “check the drawings twice and cut once”.  We managed to make a variety of parts, but it took 4 tries to make the two that we were looking for.bad compomantsNext time we’ll be looking carefully at the drawings, specially when we are making mirrored parts.  Good thing we had lots of metal here with us to carry metal“Look, I’m holding it at 1/3 of the length!” -Olivia, grade 8shooter workOur crew also got working on the shooter.  We’re making some mechanical weight saving changes, and we’ll try a few different ideas to get more control over the ball.rivetingOne of the solutions to our control issue is to make sure the camera mount doesn’t shake.  A few rivets did the trick!

Programmers are now very excited about the layout of the driver station.  Not only do we have our name printed across the top, but we have the option for a second camera image.driver stationK-Bots, we’re meeting from 5:30-10:30 Wednesday at the Plant 2 warehouse to continue working.  Please bring your homework from competition.

Homework from competition: We earned the Engineering Inspiration Award at the GTR East competition.  Please find some way to express how being on K-Botics or being involved in FIRST has inspired you in some way, or has provided you with more understanding about engineering.  This can be expressed however you like: paragraphs, equations, songs, videos, comic books, programming code, or interpretive dance.  Be creative!  We’d like to keep a record of your thoughts and ideas for our inspiration

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