GTR East Final Day…some very exciting news!

It was a full breakfast room this morning at 6:30 AM as two FRC teams tried to eat a good meal before a long and competitive day.  breakfastWe arrived to the competition and took our place in line behind our friends 1114, 2056 and 610.  Team 188 followed quickly behind us, and together we ensured that today the mad rush was a little less pushy.usual suspectsEveryone is so excited to get started in the morning….some of our grade 9 students were quite surprised to be waking up before 6AM on a weekend morning while on a school trip!

We cheered on our team with all our might!cheeringAnd while competition continued on the field, repairs (both small and large) happened in the pit.  critical compomantOur matches this morning were not as successful as most of the ones yesterday.  We ended the qualification rounds with a 5-3-1 record, and in 16th place at the start of alliance selection.

We were selected by the 5th alliance captain, team 1241 and joined by team 2626 to form an alliance for the elimination matches.  strategizingWe worked out a strategy with our alliance partners and developed a game plan over lunch.

Congratulations to Liam for winning a bag of chocolate for guessing how much was in a jar at the social event last night!winner of chocolateDuring the elimination rounds the game plan changes from earning coopertition points using the middle bridge with your opposing alliance member to earning extra points for getting an entire alliance onto the bridge.  3 robots on the bridge barely fit, but we saw it a few times.  Here’s team 1075, team 548 and team 4307 with a triple balance in the quarter finals…triple balance….and here’s our friends team 610, team 188 and team 3360 who balanced like this for much of the afternoon!triple balanceWe were not so lucky with our end game balancing act.  We could usually get 2 robots on, but this time, the clock stopped with our partner half off.  We were eliminated in quarter final balanceOur team continued to watch the rest of the drama unfold as the semis and finals progressed.  watchingPart of our team returned to the pit to clean up and pack all of our belongings.  When in the pit, we’re super safe.  Here’s Michelle, dressed in her purple, wearing her proper safety attire!safety firstWe’d like to thank our sponsors for all that they’ve done for us, and all of the support that they gave leading up to the competition.  We would not be here without the financial backing, the material donations and the time and energy spent making our team what it is.pitAs we were cleaning up our pit area we got to know some new friends from team 2056.  It’s a small world when we realize that our purple and blue families intersect with the Cyberfalcons!  FIRST is great for joining individual teams together as families, and creating networks of teams among communities. new friendsEven though we were eliminated from play, we continued to dance up a storm!dancingWe danced in the stands…and we danced on the sidelines with a few other teams.  more dancingWe watched as the finals progressed….it was a grudge match between an alliance of 1114 and 2056 facing an alliance of 610 and 188.  We know these teams well–we meet them in line for the doors to open each morning!  Some of our mentors were once part of these teams, and we cheer them on and watch in awe at the things their robots can do.finalsAt the end of the competition, awards are given out to many teams.  Many teams qualified to go to championships from this regional.  Many congratulations and standing ovations were given to the following:

Team 1114: Chairman’s Award

Team 1114, Team 2052, Team 1219: Regional winners

Team 4334: Rookie All Star Award

and…..drum roll please…..TEAM 2809 for Engineering Inspiration!

engineering inspiration“The Engineering Inspiration Award celebrates a team’s outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering and engineers, both within their school and their community. Criteria include: the extent and inventiveness of the team’s efforts to recruit students to engineering, the extent and effectiveness of the team’s community outreach efforts, and the measurable success of those efforts. This is the second highest team award FIRST bestows.

Unlike the Chairman’s Award, the Engineering Inspiration Award has no formal submission nor presentation to the judges. In fact, many teams who do not submit for the Chairman’s Award win the Engineering Inspiration. The judges get their information from other teams, students and mentors, and robot performance.”

We were caught very much off guard with this award, and some of us did not realize that this means we’re going to the Championships in St. Louis.

K-Bots: Be sure you have passports! Get lots of sleep tonight because the work will continue very soon.  Keep checking your email over march break.


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