GTR East Qualification Day

Alarms rang at 5:45 AM this morning, and we enjoyed an early breakfast as a team.  breakfastOur scouts set off at 6:45AM to hold our spot in line.  We are usually one of the first 5 teams to arrive.  Our friends 1114, 2056, 188 and 610 were there before we were.  They must have left SO early!waiting at the doorsAfter an hour’s wait, the doors were opened, and we joined the mad rush orderly quick walk to the stands.  Finding a good spot in the stands is very important.  We need to be able to see well for our scouting accuracy.itls like ChristmasEveryone was thrilled to be at competition.  Our parent mentors thought it was just like Christmas morning–they were too excited to sleep last night!MCOur good buddy James is the M.C. for this competition.  He’s doing a really good job announcing all of the teams as they play their matches.youngsterWe’ve got lots of friends in the stands.  Our youngest scout came wearing an historic GPA!  pitWhile scouts worked hard saving space in the stands, the pit crew and drive team worked hard in the pit to prepare our robot, adjust programming, and get ready to talk to the judges….judges….who came to talk to our pit a lot!  By the end of the day judges were spotted everywhere with our little knitted hat pins.balancedWe had an exciting day of matches.  We shot and scored in autonomous and in tele-op, and we even balanced a bridge with a dragon-bot!bridge tipper repairOur bridge tipper had a bit of an injury….but after a little surgery we feel that it will make a fine call to mentors from afarWe had some conversations with mentors who couldn’t make it to competition to keep them up to speed with the developments.  We know that there are lots of people who are watching the webcasts from home.  Thanks for all of your support!checking the scoreAs the matches progressed throughout the day we ended up in 3rd place at one time.ranksBy the end of the day, we were in 4th place and optimistic for things to come tomorrow.awardDuring the awards ceremony we were excited to receive the “Engineering Excellence Award sponsored by Delphi” for the modular design of our components and our diagnostic ability with our circuits and sensors.awardWe are bringing home a trophy for our display case!dinnerAfter the competition was done for the day we had a great meal and lots of fun at the social event.  We enjoy eating together, but it was nice to meet some new people too.being socialSome of us are particularly good at making new friends.  “It all starts with a hug”-Sam, grade 10.scouting meetingOur team left the social a bit early to prepare for our scouting meeting.  We have the entire breakfast room to ourselves.  We put all of our information from the day’s scouting into a database, and then projected the stats on the wall.  We have to create a list of robots we want to work with tomorrow in case we end up as an alliance captain and have to choose our partners.

Our drive and pit have been sent to bed, while the scouting meeting continues.

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One Response to GTR East Qualification Day

  1. Carol says:

    I saw you dancing in the stands in Oshawa! You’ve got spirit!

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