We’re in Oshawa!

After school we packed up all of our belongings and set off for Oshawa.  We want to thank our sponsors for all they have done to get us to this point.  sponsorsWe proudly display our sponsor boards in our pit at competition.packingWe rented a trailer and filled it up with boxes….blue bearwith tools, and with our blue bear outfit.tool boxWe have a lot of tools!robotAnd here’s our robot….in the bag and ready to go.hotelWhen we got to the hotel we had to sign a “no party agreement”.  Too bad EVERYTHING at robotics is a party!East Side MarioWe had a lovely dinner at East Side Marios.  Thanks so much to our parent mentors for arranging our food for this trip.  It was a very good choice!strawsIf you can’t tell, we’re all a little bit excited for competition season to begin.  We’ll be up bright and early to get good seats for tomorrow.  Follow us on twitter @frc2809 throughout the day for updates on our progress.

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