Warehouse Weekend

Our day today was consumed with similar activities as yesterday…programmingWe programmed the shooter to accurately score on the top basket from many locations.  With a little more time, we’ll have it working every single shot!webcastWe enjoyed watching the SanDiego regional webcast today.  We’re picking up on a few strategic ideas as we watch.battery leadsWe’re preparing for our tournament…making lists of tools to pack, and checklists of things to do between matches.  One of the things we’re doing before the tournament is to repair any faulty battery leads, so we have our full complement of batteries ready to go.


anyone want to bet me $5 that I can't dunk?

We’re working hard on getting the last important components designed and fabricated before competition. After staring at a design problem for a long time, it’s important to take a break and shoot some baskets. Some mentors tried out their dunking skills.


super sweet!

We have continued with the vacuum forming of chain guards using crazy carpet.  If you’d like to try vacuum forming, check out our whitepaper.

vacuum formingThese guards weigh less than Lexan, and will therefore allow more weight in the final component design that we’re working on.vacuum formingThe pieces are all coming together.  We look forward to seeing all of the robots in action in Oshawa in a few days.

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